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Robotise and the Service Robot JEEVES

The Munich-based technology company Robotise develops and markets service robots for businesses and public institutions. In the hotel industry, the robot JEEVES helps improve service quality and support staff by delivering drinks, snacks, and other items directly to the hotel room door and collecting valuable guest feedback. As a mobile maxi-bar, JEEVES replaces up to 200 mini-bars. JEEVES significantly contributes to addressing the ongoing shortage of skilled personnel in the hotel industry and provides guests with an exceptional and contemporary hotel experience.

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The Challenge

Before JEEVES can start its service in a building, Robotise, together with the responsible personnel of the building, assesses the onsite conditions. The goal is to connect the digital and physical world. The integration process involves complexity, with one common challenge being the elevator, which is shared by both humans and the robot. There are many different control systems that need to be individually verified, and ongoing advancements in this area are continually improving the process. Currently, Robotise can connect JEEVES to almost all elevators, provided they have the appropriate size. Therefore, the communication between the elevator systems and JEEVES needs to be continuously enhanced. If the elevator is equipped with modern cloud technology, the robot can communicate with it. The elevator will then take JEEVES to the desired floor without requiring an employee to press the button inside the elevator. Special situations and error handling can be challenging, such as when an elevator is missed or when people block the entrance or exit.


In 2019, Robotise and AUFZUGHELDEN collaborated on one of the first integrations of JEEVES, which has been running successfully to this day. The ability to use elevators is a significant milestone in service robotics.

AUFZUGHELDEN possesses proprietary expertise in enabling ALL elevators, including older ones from any manufacturer, to be “digitally” enabled, allowing Robotise to connect them through the cloud. AUFZUGHELDEN handles the connection from the elevator to the cloud for all elevators. Additionally, customers can benefit from using all other digital platform products offered by AUFZUGHELDEN.

The Solution

Die von AUFZUGHELDEN entwickelte Anbindung garantiert, dass JEEVES seinen Service unabhängig erfüllen kann, das heißt zwischen verschiedenen Stockwerken wechseln kann, um alle Hotelzimmer oder andere Zielorte erreichen zu können.

The integration developed by AUFZUGHELDEN ensures that JEEVES can independently fulfill its service by being able to move between different floors and reach all hotel rooms or other destinations.

As in all areas of our lives, digitalization is also transforming the hotel industry. COVID-19 has led to an increased acceptance of automated services. Particularly in times of labor shortages and strict hygiene regulations, JEEVES’ deployment and seamless integration into existing processes guarantee employees more capacity to provide personalized guest service.

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