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Calenberger Immobilien

Calenberger is an asset management company for real estate. The company is a significant driver of digitalization. One of its key contributions is the Calenberger app, which enables the digital management of various properties for the company.

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The Challenge

Calenberger aims to provide users and facility management with the highest level of convenience. Calenberger’s customers expect seamless operational processes and the company upholds a high standard. At the same time, Calenberger’s primary objective is to drive further digitalization, offering its customers the benefits of the digital world while ensuring clear oversight and user-friendly functionality.


AUFZUGHELDEN assists Calenberger in driving digitalization in facility management. We complement the modern approaches of the Calenberger app and bring the concept of digitalization into the realm of elevators. To achieve this, we provide Calenberger with our unique dashboard and health status solutions for elevators.

In order to operate cost-effectively and environmentally efficiently, Calenberger relies on our Predictive series. With predictive analytics and predictive maintenance, we can analyze errors before the entire operation comes to a halt. This helps minimize costly breakdowns and dissatisfaction among building users.

The Solution

Through AUFZUGHELDEN, Calenberger gains an overview of all elevators, displayed on the AUFZUGHELDEN-Dashboard. With innovative data analytics, the property manager receives real-time data on elevator performance, enabling them to enhance performance. The advanced Predictive Maintenance system actively reduces downtime, resulting in long-term cost savings. The reduced maintenance effort also has a positive impact on the ecological footprint by minimizing maintenance trips, benefiting both the environment and the budget.

Moreover, Calenberger can benefit from the AUFZUGHELDEN promise: we take over maintenance contracts and immediately and actively reduce our customers’ costs by 15 percent.

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