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Vodafone provides internet, mobile, fixed-line, and television services all in one package. One out of every two Germans is a Vodafone customer. Whether it’s surfing the internet, making phone calls, or watching television, whether in the office, on a farm, or in a factory, Vodafone’s networks connect Germany. With its nationwide cable-fiber network, nearly all of the 24 million households within reach can subscribe to gigabit speeds.

With “Gebäudekonnektivität 4.0 (GK4.0)” the network operator takes the next step by offering a tailored solution for the digitalization of multi-family buildings – sustainable, efficient, and future-proof. The IoT platform monitors and controls the building’s condition and building technology centrally through a cloud application and has the potential to become the future building standard.

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The Challenge

A digital database is now a fundamental requirement for sustainable building management. GK4.0 provides the housing industry with a central dashboard where all sensor-based data is clearly visualized and made available for further analysis and evaluation.

The elevator is intended to be integrated as a significant element in building digitalization. The solution must seamlessly integrate into Vodafone’s building management system and enable the integration of elevators from various manufacturers. And this is where GK4.0 comes into play as the right system, as it is flexible in terms of applications and partners.


AUFZUGHELDEN offers Vodafone’s customers two options to integrate digital services into their elevator management:

  1. In an IoT-only solution, AUFZUGHELDEN technology is installed in the elevators. This allows property owners to have insights into their systems, centrally through Vodafone’s Building Connectivity 4.0 dashboard.
  2. Additionally, customers have the option to utilize all Smart Maintenance Services provided by AUFZUGHELDEN. In this case, they can access the full-service offering and have AUFZUGHELDEN centrally coordinate repairs and maintenance free of charge.

By choosing either of these options, Vodafone’s customers can integrate digital services into their elevator management, gaining valuable insights and benefiting from AUFZUGHELDEN expertise and services.

The Solution

In collaboration with Vodafone, the digitalization of building management can be accelerated. The aim is to have a comprehensive view of the building’s condition and enable efficient building operations.

With the innovative technology of AUFZUGHELDEN and a customized solution for Vodafone’s customers, AUFZUGHELDEN can effectively complement the company’s offerings in the building IoT sector.

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