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A&O Hostels

A&O is a budget hotel and hostel chain based in Berlin, with a total of 40 properties, 25 of which are located in Germany alone. The centrally located accommodations are the top choice for backpackers, youth, students, and young families.

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The Challenge

Hotel and hostel operations entail maximum usage of elevators: guests coming and going, needing to transport their luggage. It is also important to ensure mobility within the accommodation for visitors with limited mobility. Cleaning staff and hotel services are also constantly in action to provide maximum comfort. In short, the elevator is the backbone of a hostel, and any breakdown can be a major inconvenience.


AUFZUGHELDEN supports the A&O Group in managing their elevators. As an active partner, AUFZUGHELDEN keeps track of the elevators and simplifies coordination with internal and external service providers.

To achieve this, AUFZUGHELDEN drives the digitalization of the elevator systems. The gained overview is used to increase efficiency. With their years of expertise and market knowledge, AUFZUGHELDEN provides expert support to A&O’s service providers, optimizing processes in the long run.

The Solution

For A&O, functioning elevator systems are the foundation of customer satisfaction. Extended downtime or unreliable operations can have a lasting impact on the operator. This is where AUFZUGHELDEN brings clarity. The uptime of the elevators can be increased, and administrative efforts have been reduced.

This also affects ongoing operating expenses: maintenance costs have been actively reduced. Moreover, AUFZUGHELDEN provides better transparency for exceptional costs. With our expertise in the market and our network, we can offer knowledgeable advice and provide the best solution at the best conditions.

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