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Elevator Management 4.0

Increase the availability of your elevator systems and save costs with the AUFZUGHELDEN Box.

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The AUFZUGHELDEN-Box is the foundation of our work. It combines expertise and innovation. The box can be easily attached to any control unit without much effort.

State-of-the-art IoT technology

With the innovative IoT technology of the AUFZUGHELDEN-Box, we create more transparency and can detect early when maintenance is required.

Significantly fewer failures

The technology allows for detecting errors before they occur. This minimizes the failure rate of your systems, increases efficiency, and reduces costs.

Control via dashboard

With our dashboard, you get a central access point for your data. In real-time, you can view all relevant movement and status data of your systems.

Everything at a glance

The document platform is another important tool for efficient management of your elevator systems. Here, you have access to all relevant information such as fault reports, maintenance reports, inspection protocols, and invoices – in a clear and time-saving manner.


Our solution is fully ESG-compliant and digitizes every elevator within a few steps, regardless of the manufacturer, making it a significant contribution to decarbonizing the building. Instead of incurring costs, the box leads to significant savings.

Predictive Maintenance through Smart Data in the Digital Twin

Reduced downtime, less malfunction and extended lifespans

Significant reduction in costs and resources utilized


“With our patented IoT solution, we provide hardware and software platform solutions for buildings to make them as smart as technology can push it. With our service, our customer saves CO2 and costs.”

We recognize at an early stage when maintenance is needed – and react before a malfunction occurs.

You can monitor the condition and usage of all your elevator systems in our dashboard.

We take over your entire elevator operating costs and grant you a discount of 15 percent.

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