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We are growing rapidly and have a large network of clients and partners who are already benefiting from our intelligent technology today.

Our Collaborations

Robotise and the Service Robot JEEVES

In 2019, Robotise and AUFZUGHELDEN jointly conducted one of the first integrations of JEEVES, which has been running successfully to this day. Being able to operate elevators is a significant development milestone in service robotics.

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D+H BlueKit

D+H has developed an intelligent solution with BlueKit, where the closure element in the shaft, for example, opens in case of a fire. A prior free simulation using the web tool BlueKit Connect allows for a forecast of the expected cost-saving effects.
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What else would you like to know?

We have an existing maintenance contract. Can we still collaborate with AUFZUGHELDEN?

Engaging AUFZUGHELDEN is independent of current contractual obligations. When you sign a contract with us, you grant us authorization. With this authorization, we contact your existing maintenance partner and directly enter into your current agreement.

Subsequently, we become your primary point of contact and take over the communication with your maintenance company, ensuring that it is managed according to your specific needs. If you do not currently have a maintenance company engaged, we will be happy to assist you in finding one.

How does AUFZUGHELDEN support my maintenance provider through digitalization?

AUFZUGHELDEN utilizes an IoT solution to detect issues before they occur, aiming to increase the uptime of your elevator systems. In contrast, traditional maintenance companies only become active in the event of a malfunction.

If we identify a potential issue, we promptly send a maintenance technician to your location, equipped with specific information to address the problem quickly. Our goal is to eliminate the potential cause of the disruption, ensuring there is no subsequent downtime.

In comparison, other maintenance companies would need to spend time and money searching for the source of the problem.

When can I start saving 15%?

From day 1.

We review your invoices from the past 12 months and reduce all costs incurred by 15%. This amount becomes your new maintenance cost. The billing for your existing maintenance company will be directed to AUFZUGHELDEN.

The current offer of a 15% savings is time-limited and applies temporarily to contracts concluded until January 2022.

If you have no upfront and maintenance costs for the AUFZUGHELDEN box, how do you generate revenue?

We increase efficiency to the extent that we generate a few percentage points more savings than we directly pass on to our customers. These additional savings represent our margin.

This is possible because we have a large collective of managed systems, similar to an insurance model. This collective approach provides better coverage for the insured object, in this case, the elevator, compared to individual risk bearing.

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