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Since 1968, the D+H Group has been working on solutions for smoke extraction and natural ventilation in buildings. Today, this globally operating company is one of the leading solution providers in this field worldwide. The digitalization in the real estate industry also extends to ventilation systems. Therefore, D+H collaborates with the BlueKit system solutions for elevator shaft smoke extraction to enable energy efficiency, safety, and comfort in an increasingly digitalized building management context.

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The Challenge

The national regulations are clear: every elevator shaft must have an opening to the outside. In the event of a fire, this ensures that smoke is extracted from the shaft, keeping escape routes smoke-free, which is crucial and life-saving. However, for building operators, this requirement poses a significant energy challenge during normal operation. The opening acts as an energy leak, causing heated or cooled air to be drawn out. Moreover, the higher the elevator shaft, the greater the chimney effect and the extraction of conditioned air.

This not only leads to high costs but also significantly deteriorates the overall building’s carbon footprint. With the increasing importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting in financial and capital markets, both areas have become important metrics for building managers and administrations.


D+H has developed an intelligent solution called BlueKit, where the closure element in the shaft, for example, opens in case of a fire. Prior to implementation, a free simulation using the web tool BlueKit Connect allows for a forecast of the expected savings. With the integrated job calculator, customers can easily receive product recommendations and get in touch with service representatives.

The predictive maintenance function of the AUFZUGHELDEN Box provides relevant data to advise customers optimally and deliver a comprehensive solution to the energy problem posed by open shafts. By utilizing AUFZUGHELDEN´s IoT solution, which offers precise information about the dimensions of the shaft and the system usage, experts can calculate temperature loss, CO2 emissions, and energy requirements.

The Solution

Recent figures from the European Union reveal that almost three-quarters of the current building stock are not energy-efficient. Up to seven percent of building energy costs can be saved solely through modern elevator shaft smoke extraction and intelligent ventilation.

The collaboration between AUFZUGHELDEN and D+H contributes to identifying real savings potential in existing buildings and providing transparent and clear advice to customers through a straightforward solution.

Click here for more information on the D+H Bluekit website.

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